Journey to the Tower Tarot Deck

Journey to the Tower Tarot Deck

Pre-Order your copy of our photo tarot deck nearly 3 years in the works! Our deck is called The Journey to the Tower and is the live action version of the Rider Waites Coleman tarot deck. Each image in our deck was a real set using friends of ours and ourselves as models. Each card was shot by Michael using his large format roloflex black and white 4" x 5" film camera. The film was developed, printed in photoshop, and then hand colored with water colors by Natalia on printed paper. Those images were scanned and formatted  in photoshop once again and titled with font drawn by Garlington. Check out our Making of The Journey to the Tower. Be the first get a limited edition numbered first run deck. All pre-ordered decks will be signed by the artists. The cards will be 4.3" x 6.3" contained within a magnetic flip top box. The deck comes with a color guide book written by Samantha and Dylan Goldberg-Blackthorn. 


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