Ready to do it again!!

The absence of numerical order seems a practical beginning middle end.(6,8) Below is our photo rendition of the Rider-Waits-Smith deck version of The Fool. Do auto corrections ever feel like subtle cosmic messages to you? You're in the right place. The element of the ether: "the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds."

How did the clear sky beyond the clouds when used as an example become the "nasty gases and smoke disperse into the ether" in the definitions from Oxford languages. We're not in equilibrium anymore Hoover. We call Mingus, Morgan's dog as seen in the photo, Hoover because he is food obsessed. I believe Morgan wanted to be The Fool. Some people claimed their card while others were assigned one, in either case most of our models were radically aligned with their character at that moment. I'm trusting in the gradual unfolding, the supreme experimenter, ready to do it again! The Holy androgyne - genderless spirit. To believe each card as a rite of passage to the next "level" in the Journey to the Tower, being at the spot of the fool is compelling.

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