Ace of Cups

Ah the cups. Fill your cup, fill mine, cheers, a toast, we are feeling fine! Remember amidst the revelry to practice self-love. The divine hand offers a cup to fill with our dreams and desires. The dove above delivers the treasure of our soul encouraging us to fill our cup before we fill others. (Some excerpts from our accompanying tarot deck guide.)

What's different in each picture? Each step in the process slightly alters the original reality. The angle of the "making of" shot is different than that of the film capture. The image was flopped in post production. Watercolors were painted on a black and white print. Colors were enhanced from the original set.

We welcome inspiration from wherever it may travel from. We are not the first nor certainly not the last to embark on a tarot deck inspired by the Rider-Waites-Smith deck. In Dali's deck, see photo below, the description about the Ace of Cups mentions the ability to see the world as reality or vision, cups are able to slide between both.I certainly saw the cup before the profiles as that was what my brain was looking for in the card. What a surprise to find the profiles as well. Keep an eye out in our deck for such subtleties!

Photo order: Making of set, 4"x5" film developed, hand colored formatted Ace of Cups from The Journey to the Tower Deck, Rider-Waites-Smith Ace of Cups, and Dali's Ace of Cups. Color flower photos as backdrops from "Golden Poppies of California" by George Lepp.

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